2018 Oregon Lavender Paint Out Awards

Open Division Photos

photos by sldallas photography

Professional Division Photos

photos by sldallas photography

2018 Artist Awards List

Open Division

First Place:
Elo Wobig, “Joy Ride”

Second Place:
Kirsten Horn, “View to a Crooked Tree”

Third Place:
Nancy Zhang, “Field of Purple”

Honorable Mention
Sandy Shuler, “Down the Path”

Andrea Bab, “Old White Barn, Little Log House & Lavender”

Paula Hansen, “Majestic Oaks & Lavender”

Lynn Wallas, “Invitation”

Tara Choate, “Wind Over the Lavender”

Karen Shawcross “Lavender Sentinels”

Professional Division

First Place:
Tracy Leagjeld, “First Light”

Second Place:
Cathleen Rehfeld, “Cascade Morning Light”

Third Place:
Jennifer Diehl, “Sun Over the Field”

Honorable Mention
Brenda Boylan, “After the Lavender”

Dianna Shynne, “Hillsboro Farm House”

Gary Buhler, “Lavender, Mt. Hood”

Donna Clark, “Birch Tree Salute”

Romona Youngquist, “Summer Shade”

Jenay Elder, “Last Light on the Farm”

Red Ridge Farm
Diane Holland, “Leaflight”

Art Elements Award
Karen Shawcross, “Halcyon Days”

Kris Horn, Coldwell Banker Professional Group Award
Dianne Shynne, “Path at Red Ridge Farm”

Chehalem Cultural Center
Elo Wobig, “Easy Ripples”

Blick Art Materials
Daemion Lee, “Lavender Afternoon”

Artists’ Choice - Open
Loretta Lang, “Dundee Hills”

Artists’ Choice - Pro
Jennifer Diehl, “Sun Over the Field”

Peoples’ Choice - Open
Beth Keyser, “Just a Bunch”

Peoples’ Choice - Pro
Nathalie Equall, “Bubba Jones”